Abdulhakeem Adetunji Mustapha

Abdulhakeem Adetunji Mustapha

I'm a backend developer who is not scared of the frontend. With over 6 years experience in building and deploying mobile and web applications, I've become a real jack of all trade, master of pun. Not to brag, I consider myself to be among the top 1% of the best 1%.

I'm looking for remote opportunities to join a diverse team building an awesome product. I'm open to fulltime, contract or freelance engagement.

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Some of the things i know
Vue JS

Some of the things I've done

Senior Software Engineer at Hooli Technologies Nigeria Limited December, 2019 - Present
As a senior engineer tasked to reinstate their position in the market against competitors, I:
  • Managed a product re-engineering process of existing accounting solution to improve features delivery by over 27% and performance by upto 74.91%.
  • Implement serverless deployment, estimated to reduce server charges by over 46%.
  • Trained and mentored 3 junior developers and engineers, teaching skills in VueJS, Express and Django towards improving overall team performance.
  • Spearheaded documenting technical processes, ensuring that weekly updates were fully captured and explanatory.
Software Engineer at Britecore February, 2019 - December, 2019
Charged with bringing a product vision to life, I;
  • Collaborated with the VP of engineering, other engineers and product managers to deliver intelligent insights on implementation progress to customers.
  • Team up with other engineers to improve code test coverage to over 70% within the first four months of onboarding.
  • Extended proprietary insurance software to accommodate customer’s unique business requirements.
Software Developer at Hooli Consults July, 2017 - February, 2019
As an engineer hired amidst an organizational revamp, I:
  • Championed building and deploying enterprise business accounting SaaS software to client specifications which meets all standards and receives over 1m requests daily.
  • Incorporate multi-tenancy features into SaaS software to quicken customer onboarding.
  • Implement PWA functionality to enable offline work and sync and improved user experience. Handled scale of over 15GB customer information transferred every month.
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Where I've studied

BS Computer Science at Bayero University April, 2013 - January, 2017
  • Recipient of "Most Innovative Student" Award.
  • Graduated with a 4.15 GPA.
Some people I've worked with

Some of my projects

Accounting software for small & medium businesses

Building an accounting software for small and medium scale businesses, including accessibility features for people with little educational background.

Ji's Kitchen
On demand food delivery service

Developed and managed a simple food ordering site for the Bayero University community keeping time to meaningful interaction very low.

Bookkeeping & Inventory management software

Architect, built and deployed an inventory management software for businesses. With accounting and balances accessible in a few clicks.

Mosh Oyewole
Crowdfunding platform for election

Gofund me and other cause crowdfunding platforms are not open for Nigerians, we developed a campaign site including functionaliy for collecting donations.

Crowdfunding platform for agriculture

A crowd-funding platform for providing financing, technical support and agricultural extension services for rural farmers improving their yield and livelihood.

Mini e-commerce for college campus

With difficulty associated with getting groceries on campus for university students, cammart provided a mobile application for ordering groceries.

What I do in my spare time
Startup School
Support others
about this page

This page is built with VueJS and Spectre.css and is under 256KB. I love to keep things light.

If you need a scalable and light web application, I'm your guy. Send me an email at [email protected] or send me a whatsapp message on +234-706-757-7058

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